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A Creative Survey!

It's Tuesday September 15, 2020, and that means it's time for another Creative Survey, where you get to participate by casting your vote!  Please note:  This survey ends Friday, September 18, 2020 at 7a EST.  Let's get started...

The backstory:  Mistress got a new shipment of sex toys that she must familiarize herself with.  She invites friends over to test and comment.  You get to participate in various activities.

There are THREE separate selections.  Please choose a capital Letter choice, a Number choice, and a lowercase letter choice!

Your first selection:

A)  Nipple Clamps.  The women will get creative with their placement of the clamps and use household objects for weights... serving utensils, books, shotglasses.  You must crawl without complaint as the objects sway and tease.  Please them and get a reward.

B)  Chastity Cages.  The women will take turns locking you into the newest devices and comment on their appearance.  You must describe how each one feels and which one you like the best.  If the women concur, you will be rewarded.

C)  An activity of your choice... write out your answer

Your second selection is which woman is your Mistress?  You may choose from the four.  Please write 1-4 (from left to right... #3 for Seblin).

Your final selection is:

x)  Bondage.  The women will test all types of rope, leather and chains for fit, appearance and easy of use.  You will be restrained on a cross, over a couch, in a chair, and anywhere they choose.  Your thoughts don't matter, so don't moan, complain or wriggle.  If you displease them, you will be punished.

y)  Strap-ons.  The women will test each new strap-on and dildo combination they can make.  Your job:  take it in both holes for as long as they want.  Displease them, and you will be punished.

z)  A punishment of your creation...write out your answer

Please choose the answers that you *wish* would happen in this instance.  "All" is never a choice.

To answer, please reblog and select the letters and number of your choice.   [do not displease *this* Mistress and say *all* or *whatever Mistress wants*]

You are free to add your own explanation or twist the answers to suit your kink; or, skip one of the sections.

If you only "like" this post--and please do--there will be no vote cast.  It's important that you like AND reblog with your choice.  Or DM me with your vote.

If you don't want to be quoted in the Results post, DM me and tell me it's an anonymous vote.  No worries!

See a pic that'd make a great survey pic?  Send it in DM!

This survey will end Friday, September 18, 2020 at 7:00 a.m. EST, so you have the whole week!!

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Happy surveying! ;)


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